PSSI Promise Regulations Competition League 1 Next Season Will Be Consistent

PSSI Promise Regulations Competition League 1 Next Season Will Be Consistent

League 1 and League 2 Competition has finally been officially completed Nevertheless, both competitions are far from perfect word related to the implementation.

Especially the regulation that is often inconsistent and suddenly changed. One example is the application of age restrictions in League 1 and the club is required to play U-23s as many as three people from the early minutes.

The regulation changed after the competition alongside the SEA Games 2017. In this case PSSI decided the U-23 player rules are not applied again when the second round took place. It makes some clubs protest especially clubs who have been working hard to be able to survive with the regulation.

Learning from experience, PSSI will strive so that this regulatory problem is always consistent in the 2018 season. Therefore PSSI strives to brew it thoroughly so there is no problem consistency again next season.

“I think not because the regulations should ensure consistency of planning for all. Whether it’s at the level of PSSI, League, or competition. If there are changes of course projected for improvement, “said vice chairman, PSSI Joko Driyono.

The man who is called Jokdri continued this, if the regulation that has been so will be brought to the Annual Congress PSSI held next year. Later, from the meeting can only be decided.

“PSSI until 13 December brewing the draft of all competition regulations. The final was on 13 January 2018 during the PSSI Congress. As mentioned earlier PSSI concerns about marquee players and regulations of foreign players. Currently, PSSI will explore this. Awaited decision, “he added.

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